Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus System

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Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus System Distributor & Installation Service in Bangladesh

Very early smoke detectors, one of the closest future smoke detectors available in the fire and security industry.

Suction smoke detection systems are used in areas such as control rooms, substations, and power plants that are exposed to varying temperature, humidity levels, ionized environments, and fluctuating airflow.

Aspiration Panel



  • Listed: UL/FM
  • Absolute Smoke Detection Wide sensitivity range Multy pipe inlet Five status LEDS Referencing Clean Air barrier optics protection
    Three Alarm Levels, Three Programming relays, Air flow monitoring, Auto-learn Option
  • Pipe Length: 400 m
  • Coverage Area: 2000 square meter
  • Country of Origin: Australia/Switzerland




  • An integrated CPVC Pipe & Fittings package designed for use with Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems Simplifies the selection of Pipe & Fittings to ensure the correct product is installed Simplifies specifiers’ and installers’ task and saves time and money.

  • Size Range: 20mm – 80mm

  • Length: 3m

  • Approvals: LPCB, FM and UL

  • Brands: Bission/Securiton/Xtarlis

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