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  • The fire alarm control panel is the component that controls the fire alarm or notification system. Sensors are installed throughout the building.
  • These sensors relay information to this control panel. This includes environmental changes that may detect the presence of a fire.
  • The Control Center will be notified of potential operational problems with the equipment that could cause a fire.
  • The Control Center also alerts employees in the building if a possible fire is detected or predicted. This includes information about the exact location of this event.
  • Tri-Zone is a Top Fire Alarm Control Panel Suppliers & Installation Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Control Panel



  • Listed/Approved: UL/ULC/FM/LPCB/EN/CSFM/OTCR/NYC
  • Panel Types: Intelligent Addressable/Analog/Conventional
  • Addressable Device: 250-2500
  • Loop Capacity: 128-254 Per Loop
  • Number of Loop: 1-10 Addable
  • Display Type: Touch Screen/Color Coded LCD/Membrane Keypad/Color ES Touch Screen/Graphical LCD.
  • Display Size: 2-8 Inch
  • Standards: IP30/EN54
  • AC Voltage: 120-240 V
  • Communication Types: Idnet/Optical GMC/RS-232/Bacnet
  • Operating Temperature: 0-45 °C
  • Humidity: 0-95%
  • Multi Language Options.
  • Conveniently located USB/Port/RS-485 simplifies the transfer of panel information and programming.
  • Country of Origin: USA/UK/China/EU/Japan

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