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Structural Steel Fire Protection

 a.	Structural steel fire protection


Fire Master Blanket and Fire Barrier products provide fire insulation to steel beams, columns and deck to ensure they maintain load-bearing capacity in a fire, thus preventing collapse of the structure they are supporting.

The thickness of insulation that is required to be applied to steelwork to provide fire Protection will depend on a number of factors. These are:

  1. Fire load and duration
  2. Critical temperature specified for the steel; i.e. the maximum permitted temperature for the steel section during the fire
  3. The “section factor” of the steelwork; a relationship of external surface exposed to fire to the steel sectional area
  • Critical steel temperature: 400°C for a 60 minutes period, 550°C specified for 60 minutes.
  • Fire Master Marine Plus blanket 128 kg/m3 density.
  • Section factor m-1: 70-260
  • Minimum thickness (mm): 6-75
  • Flame Speed: Zero
  • Smoke Developed: Zero
  • Essay Installation

Critical steel temperature of 400°C Ensured 60/90/120/180/240 minutes Other Applications:

  1. Marine/ offshore
  2. Pipe insulation
  3. Machine insulation
  4. Railway

Country of Origin: UK/India/Korea/USA/China/EU

Gypsum Board



Fire Rated Gypsum Board :

The Boards are widely used for industrial, residential and commercial establishments to make fire rated partition, celling & wall lining etc.

  • Specification: 2400*1200mm
  • Thickness: 15.9 to 25.0mm
  • Listed: UL
  • Types: Type X, Type C, Type X Shaft liner
  • Country of Origin: Germany/ China/ India

Penetration Sealant


Light weight easy to cut and simple to install Prevention of air leakage and provides cold smoke seal Assumed working life 30 years.

  • Single service penetrations.
  • Listed: UL
  • Size of Gap: 10mm to 150mm
  • Color: Black
  • Packaging: Per box
  • Volume Expansion at 400oC: 25 times
  • Country of Origin: Germany/ China/ India

Cementitious Fireproofing

Fire proof Cement :

  • Generic Type: Medium density cementitious fireproofing designed to provide fire protection and acoustical noise reduction.
  • Features: Combined acoustical and fire protection, easily applied by spray or trowel, Excellent physical properties – hard, durable, Nonflammable – during or after application, Asbestos-free – complies with EPA and OSHA regulations, Chloride and sulfide free – no special priming required, Non-friable – high impact strength, Single package – mixed with clean, potable water at
  • Listed: UL
  • Color: Non-Uniform Speckled Gray
  • Finish: Textured
  • Application Thickness: 1/2″ – 5/8″ (12.7 – 15.9 mm) on initial pass
  • Rated: 2 Hour
  • Country of Origin: UK/INDIA/USA/EU/China

Fire Resistant Paint/ Fire Proof Paint

1) Epoxy Pint (Primer) :


  • Generic Type: Cycloaliphatic Amine Epoxy
  • Description: High solids corrosion resistant primer and intermediate. Used either as a primer or an intermediate coat over steel and inorganic zinc primers. Can be top coated with a broad variety of high performance finish coats.
  • Listed: UL
  • Features: Excellent corrosion protection, Excellent film build and edge protection, Used as a primer or an intermediate coating, Good abrasion resistance, Cures down to 40°F, VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
  • Color: Red (0500); Gray (0700); White (0800); Yellow (0600)
  • Finish: Eggshell.
  • Non-Continuous: 250 °F (121 °C)
  • Country of Origin: UK/INDIA/USA/EU/China


2) Intumescent Paint


  • Generic Type: Aliphatic Acrylic-Polyester Polyurethane
  • Description: High build, low sheen finish that has excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. Suitable for application over a number of primers and intermediates, this material provides very good weathering performance in a broad range of colors.
  • Listed: UL
  • Features: Outstanding performance properties in both mild and aggressive environments, High build; suitable for many two-coat systems, Suitable for application direct to inorganic zincs, Application by spray, brush or roller, Indefinite recoat ability, VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
  • Finish: Satin
  • Dry Temp. Resistance: Continuous: 200°F (93°C), Non-Continuous: 250°F (121°C)
  • Country of Origin: UK/INDIA/USA/EU/China


3) Top Coat


  • Generic Type: water-based intumescent coating. During a fire, it expands to form a meringue-like insulating ash.
  • Description: decorative & thin-film fire-resistive coating system for structural steel at interior locations in buildings.
  • Listed: UL
  • Features: UL Listed – Designs for many steel sections, to provide up to a 3hour fire rating, Decorative Finish Gives a smooth decorative finish, Dust free surface, Durable finish – Provides a hard, impact and abrasion resistant surface, Thin film coating – space saving smaller column footprints, Low VOC content.
  • Country of Origin: UK/INDIA/USA/EU/China

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