Fire Sprinkler System

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The sprinkler system strategically places a sprinkler head with a glass sphere containing a glycerin-based liquid. The sprinkler system recognizes a fire by raising the temperature.

When the temperature of the sprinkler head rises to a certain Fahrenheit, the liquid in the glass bulb expands, breaking the glass and activating the sprinkler head. These glass parts come in different colors of liquid, each showing different thermal thresholds required to break the glass.

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  1. Listed: UL/FM
  2. Types: Upright/ Pendent/ Recessed/ Horizontal Sidewall/Extended Coverage/ Quick Response/ Vertical Sidewall/ Concealed/ Flush Pendent
  3. Materials: Bronze/Copper
  4. K Factors: 4.2/5.6/ 8/11.2/14
  5. Maximum Working Pressure PSI: 175
  6. Minimum Working Pressure PSI: 7
  7. Thread Size: (1/2”)/ (3/4”)/ (3/8”)
  8. Response Time Index: 33/30/50/90 (ms)1/2
  9. Available Temperature Rating: 57°C/68 °C/79 °C/93 °C/141 °C/182 °C
  10. Country of Origin: USA/UK/EU/China

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