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  • Fire doors & Fire Accessories are designed to be exposed to direct fire for extended periods of time without allowing the fire to spread to the other side of the door.
  • They typically have a solid main door as well as numerous other components (such as door hinges) designed specifically for use in fire doors.
  • Fire doors are primarily used to restrict the spread of fire, protect emergency exits and shelters, and provide a heat barrier.
  • Tri-Zone Provides UL Listed Fire Door, Fire, Fire Curtain, Fire Rated Shutter Product in Bangladesh.

Fire Door



  • Listed: UL
  • Types: Steel/Glass/Wooden
  • Material Types: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, wood finish
  • SIZES: Custom Sizes available
  • FIRE RATING: Up to 120 Minutes/ 180 Minutes.
  • VISION PANEL: Optional
  • Steel Sheet Thickness: 1.2mm to 1.7mm
  • LOUVERS: Optional
  • HANDING: As per Client’s requirement
  • Country of Origin: UAE/China/EU

Fire Curtain



A fire curtain is a stage curtain that operates in the event of a fire and forms a fire barrier that protects and separates parts of the building from fire damage. Prevents fires from spreading from one area to another.

  • Listed: UL
  • FIRE RATING: Up to 120 Minutes/ 180 Minutes.
  • Country of Origin: UAE/China/EU

Fire Rated Shutter



Fire shutters are physical barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire. They provide automatic / manual closure in case of fire detection. These refractory roller shutters are designed to stay open under normal circumstances.


  1. Manually operated
  2. Electrically operated
  3. High-speed

Fire ratings of up to 120 minutes (under UL listing) and 240 minutes (under BS listing) can be met.

  • Listed: UL/BS
  • Country of Origin: UAE/China/EU


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